不管你从事的是什么行业, proper plumbing services are imperative to operating a productive and successful 业务. 你必须能够信任你的企业的劳动者, 汇, 下水道, 热水器, 还有更多的将会像你们期望的那样继续运作.

管道 equipment that isn’t working properly or as it was designed to can lead to a loss of revenue and overall productivity. 自豪地为伯明翰, 银河体育官网 ensures that your 业务 is protected from a plumbing disaster by 安排一个约会 与银河体育官网,以满足您所有的商业管道需求. 

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No matter the type of plumbing problem you bring to our commercial plumbing company, 我们会找到最适合您业务的解决方案. 我们为以下问题提供服务:


Slow and clogged 下水道 can become a big problem when multiple users need to use the same sink. If the problem isn’t taken care of, the sink can overflow, causing water damage. Call us today for reliable drain cleaning services that you can trust.


严重依赖水的企业, 比如酒店和健身房, 了解强大水压的重要性. 低水压力 can be caused by a number of factors – including leaking or clogged pipes – that could also be causing other plumbing issues within your company.


一开始只是让人厌烦的东西很快就会变得昂贵. 滴水的水龙头 can cost a 业务 hundreds of dollars and cause damage to other pieces of plumbing equipment if not fixed promptly.  


运行和堵塞的厕所本身就够烦人的了, 但如果不加以解决,它们也可能导致进一步的管道问题. 他们会增加水费, 给你的管道造成不必要的压力, 并在短时间内停止使用厕所. 如果你的DIY工作还没有解决你的跑步或堵塞的厕所, 也许是时候叫专业人士来了.


Garbage disposals are incredibly important to 汇, but they can often be plagued by issues. 从堵塞到漏水和堵塞, any garbage disposal problems should be addressed quickly to ensure that further irreparable damage does not occur.


没有人喜欢来自下水道的强烈的、令人不安的气味. 然而, smelling sewer odors can go beyond just a minor inconvenience. 如果你在你的公司闻到下水道的气味, 你的下水道可能堵了, which can be a very serious problem and lead to numerous issues with your Birmingham, AL, 业务. 


While some pipe leaks are immediately noticeable, others are tough to discover. A pipe leak that goes undetected for an extended period of time can cause issues such as mold, 削弱了墙壁, 和更多的.


热水器和软水机对几乎所有行业都至关重要. If your water softener or traditional or tankless water heater develops any issues requiring repairs, 有关商业水管服务,请联络银河体育官网. 我们为伯明翰及周边地区提供服务.



Many plumbing issues are serious enough that need to be addressed quickly in order to prevent further damage. 银河体育官网明白这一点 管道突发事件 可以在周末、节假日和下班后举行吗. 我们的一些紧急服务包括:


溢水的马桶会很快导致浴室被水淹没. This can be dangerous to anyone within the bathroom and lead to further problems depending on how long the flood has been there and the additional areas affected outside of the bathroom.


Pipe bursts are dangerous and expensive issues that can occur for a number of reasons. Pipes that are corroded, frozen, or clogged are especially prone to bursting. 这不仅会对任何客户或员工造成危险, 但它也会引发洪水和昂贵的水灾.


商用热水器, 与住宅系统相比, have an increased workload that can lead to more issues than a residential system might have. 许多企业依赖温水和热水, so when there’s an issue with your 业务’ water heater that requires repairs or a replacement, 24-7紧急服务随时呼叫银河体育官网. A plumber from our locally owned and operated company can be at your 业务 in no time to offer reliable repair or replacement plumbing service.


汇, 淋浴, and 下水道 that get backed up can lead to floods and render those pieces of equipment unusable until repairs are performed. When you can’t wait until the next 业务 day to fix a backed-up sink, 淋浴, 或排水, trust the experts at 银河体育官网 to provide the plumbing services that you need.


A telltale sign of a sewer line backup is the presence of a strong sewer odor. 下水道排水管道问题 can be very serious and lead to thousands of dollars in damages. 在你的公司里闻到下水道的气味, call on a professional to inspect your sewer drain lines to determine the appropriate course of action.


Businesses with basements are likely using the increased space for storage or additional space. Keep all of your products and equipment safe from water by ensuring that your sump pump is operational and isn’t experiencing any issues. 如果贵公司的排污泵有任何问题, 任何一场暴雨都会很快引发洪水.


The commercial plumbing services at 银河体育官网 don’t stop at just repair and emergency repair services. 我们也提供商业管道维修, replumbing, 安装, and replacement services on a variety of different plumbing systems. 如果你在伯明翰或附近地区, give us a call or contact us online to discuss our 安装 services for new plumbing fixtures, 热水器, 水软化剂, 污水泵, 和更多的.

不管你给我们带来什么问题, we’re completely committed to finding a solution that works best for your Birmingham area 业务 and that will keep you, 你的员工, 和您的客户安全舒适. Our upfront pricing and great customer service keep our customers coming back year after year.


当你的管道正常工作时, you likely don’t think twice about your plumbing equipment and keeping it up and running. 然而, providing your plumbing equipment with preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to make sure that everything remains in good condition.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to provide maintenance on your plumbing equipment. Get ahead of any issues before they occur by calling on the professionals at 银河体育官网 for 预防管道维护. We’ll inspect your plumbing equipment and provide tune-ups to ensure that everything stays in good shape.


银河体育官网 is proud to be a leader in the Birmingham, AL, plumbing industry. 我们的专业管道工团队具有人才, 知识, and experience to provide effective plumbing services for any issue that comes your company’s way. 如果你在伯明翰需要管道工, 和我们联系 or call our phone number today to schedule a service call for plumbing services that your 业务 can trust.